Hours of Operation
We are available Monday through Friday 
Pick up the phone or email us with any questions you may have.

We're available by Appointment Monday thru Saturday to help work around your schedule.  
The phone is always on.
To help us better understand your project please tell us briefly what you are considering for a project. 

1.) Send us photos of your home 
     - inside and outside. 

2.) If you have original drawings, that will help us but don't worry if you don't, we'll create what is needed.

3.) Do you have a survey?  If you do, great, if not we'll help you find the one for your property depending on which county you are in.

4.) Include the Address of the property and your Phone Number.

5.) We work on an hourly rate fee because it doesn't limit you or us.  The initial meeting is free but then we require a retainer to actually get started on your project.     

To make things easier we often will meet with you after hours because we know that to take time from work is costly.  

We know you are busy and we're here to help.

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