GLOBE Residential Design Studio, Inc.
is the firm that William D. "Will" May III started in 2003.

I'm a Second Generation resident of Peters Township and Venetia with roughly 67 years of family history.  My dad, Don and Mom, Olga, built the family home in 1950.  Having moved back in 2000, I decided to open business from my dad's old office to build on my own experience.  

with nearly 40 years of experience working with architects & builders throughout the South Western region of Pennsylvania.

I'm able to provide design & drafting solutions to clients for various projects such as a custom home design, a home addition design, any accessory buildings that all have one common theme - Residential Design.  The International Residential Code and local building codes are the basis of my services.

It's possible that you may know me from Peters Township High School Class of '75.  Even back then I was thinking about architecture.  My dad & uncles were tradesmen that provided me with a rich understanding of home-building.  "Measure Twice, Cut Once" was the mantra of those tradesmen.  When you're up on a scaffold 20 feet and you yell down how long to cut a board, it better be right.  Nothing is more aggravating getting that board too short or too long.  Dad sometimes made the point of "dropping" that board pretty close to get my attention.

I make every possible effort to "Measure Twice, Cut Once" when I'm now designing your new custom home, home addition, new kitchen, bath or finished basement.  It's gratifying when you see something that you designed and drafted has been built.

I look forward to helping you design your new home, home addition, kitchen, bath, finished basement or accessory building.


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